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FOX celebrated the 100th episode episode as " Stewie Kills Lois ", although the three episodes that made up the DVD movie weren't included in their "official" count. They also counted the hour long episode Blue Harvest count as two individual episodes, explaining the differing episodes for the 100th show. This season had a shortened episode count due to the Writer's Strike.

Old English naþing , naðinc , from nan "not one" (see none ) + þing "thing" (see thing ). Meaning "insignificant thing" is from . As an adverb from . As an adjective from 1961.

In 1905, Stanford White , the architect for The Colony Club and a longtime friend, helped de Wolfe secure the commission for its interior design. The building, located at 120 Madison Avenue, (near 30th Street), would become the premier women's social club on its opening two years later, much of its appeal owing to the interiors de Wolfe arranged. Instead of the heavy, masculine overtones then pervasive in fashionable interiors, Elsie used light fabric for window coverings, painted walls pale colors, tiled the floors, and added wicker chairs and settees. The effect centered on the illusion of an outdoor garden pavilion. [19] (The building is now occupied by the American Academy of Dramatic Arts .)The success of the Colony Club proved a turning point in her own life and career, launching her fame as the most sought-after interior decorator of the day. [4] [20]

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