Wilhelm backhaus beethoven sonatas 17 28

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The German edition of the set (and possibly others) includes a bonus CD with Clara Haskil ( Sonderausgabe zur Edition ) —raising to 5 the total number of CDs with her. This bonus CD contains her interpretation of some of Scarlatti 's piano sonatas from her 1947 Westminster LP, and is the first printing on CD of these recordings, according to the CD cover ( Erstveröffentlichung auf CD ). [5]

featuring live performances recorded specificaly for PNOmation in cooperation with major piano artists. Marta Lledo, Pianotainment and much more.

Eventually the Bechstein factory resumed full-scale production during the 1920s. At that time, technical innovations and inventions of new materials and tools, as well as improvements in piano design and construction, had allowed Bechstein to become one of the leading piano makers again.

A printed catalogue is available two weeks prior to each sale by sending a cheque for £, or £20 for a year's subscription of four catalogues, to:

A couple of fellow collectors asked me to add this section on SS Trapezoid cap insignia. I only own one SS Panzer cap with a Trapezoid (which I have noted below) so the other photos I've had to borrow from some of the militaria forums. Not all the styles are shown here as yet but these are the most common. There are some other variations of machine embroidered Trapezoids and at least one other Bevo design not pictured below. There are some fairly close fakes of some of these so you need to look closely at the details. No SS Trapezoid was ever done in aluminum wire.

Wilhelm Backhaus Beethoven Sonatas 17 28Wilhelm Backhaus Beethoven Sonatas 17 28Wilhelm Backhaus Beethoven Sonatas 17 28Wilhelm Backhaus Beethoven Sonatas 17 28