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Later, during discussions about the unexplained incident, the two men were claimed to have become so concerned by the incident that Churchill ordered it remain secret for 50 years or more.

Of course, if you're a movie fan, you already know that LA has been invaded countless times over the years in blockbusters like War of the Worlds , Independence Day , Transformers and V . Indeed, no other city -- other than perhaps Tokyo -- has suffered more on-screen calamity at the hands of extraterrestrials than Los Angeles.

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In early 1941, around 24 kilometers (15 mi) from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, according to the startling information given by Charlotte Mann, her grandfather, Reverend William Huffman, was standing in front of a ruined aircraft unlike any other he had seen. [3] He had been contacted late that evening and asked by the military to attend.

Roger Marsh has been covering MUFON's incoming cases since January 2009 as UFO Traffic Reports. Please be cautious with all reports where the case investigation remains open. Most UFOs can be explained as something natural or man-made. 

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UfO UfO II FlyingUfO UfO II FlyingUfO UfO II FlyingUfO UfO II Flying