The ska kings bimbo

Description: It is the final day of the church group in this small town. Belle is late, but still wants to make sure that she sees Pastor John before he has to leave town. Pastor John explains how group let out 15 minutes early so he could grab his stuff before he leaves early in the morning. Belle is so nervous and excited. She tells the preacher man that she doesn’t know who she is going to talk to anymore after he leaves, and wonders if he can listen to her one more time, and pray with him. He is very receptive and takes time out to comfort her before he must go. He asks her to show him the bad thoughts she is having and so she starts on her knees, telling him step by step her impure thoughts. He tells her she must let the thoughts out to be forgiven. She unbuckles his pants and pulls out his cock. She sucks and blows, licking the shaft and deep throating his large member. She sucks him so good he just keeps letting her know that she will be forgiven if she keeps letting go. She tells him she wants him inside her, and he lets her know that he has been thinking and praying for her a lot.

The Ska Kings BimboThe Ska Kings Bimbo