Whodini friends amigos

Thankfully, while we are not always capable of staying awake with Jesus or one another, he always stays awake with us. "He neither slumbers nor sleeps," the psalmist says. "The Lord is your keeper..." (Psalm 121:4-5) Now we very well may huff and puff that Jesus isn't doing exactly what we want him to do how and when we want him to do it, but that doesn't mean that he has narcolepsy. No, Jesus is alive, awake, and alert; always when, especially when we are not. And this Jesus isn't only evidenced by mere footprints in the sand. This Jesus, the Lamb, who willingly went to slaughter on our behalf has made us into living epistles. Festering with infection and pain, we had some wounds that because of Jesus' intervention have since turned into scars, meaning that healing has begun. There are situations in our life that were dead, but have been resurrected into new life only because of Jesus. We, ourselves, once were lost, but were found by and for Jesus. In the midst of his own pain, Jesus sought obedience to the Father and the well-being of his friends, though they betrayed him. Thank God that he is not of this world.

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Whodini Friends AmigosWhodini Friends AmigosWhodini Friends Amigos