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According to John Kerr, the author of A Most Dangerous Method, on which Cronenberg’s film is based, she also 'competed with her adolescent daughter for the attentions of various men’. Spielrein’s father, meanwhile 'insults and tyrannises’ the family, frequently going 'wild and threatening suicide’. Spielrein is 'always afraid that he will kill himself’.

Freud & Jung posing for a photo during an ill-fated arctic expedition ca. 1912. One man and three dogs met their deaths during this endeavor. This traumatic episode put a great deal of strain on the two mens' relationship.

The control stage takes a minimum of two years and focuses on Jungian clinical practice. Individual supervision now takes place weekly, and participation in a control colloquium replaces the local training seminar. The colloquium focuses on case presentations and is led by a senior analyst. Colloquia usually meet four or five weekends a year at various locations. Face-to-face analysis continues, as does attendance at IRSJA meetings.

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Following Freud's collapse at an academic conference, he and Jung continue correspondence via letters. They decide to end their relationship after increasing hostilities and accusations regarding the differences in their conceptualisation of psychoanalysis. Spielrein marries a Russian doctor and, while pregnant, visits Jung and his wife. They discuss psychoanalysis and Jung's new mistress. Jung confides that his love for Spielrein made him a better person.

The IRSJA is a professional association founded in 1973 to facilitate mutual fellowship, offer continuing education, and to provide Jungian analytic training. The Society has biannual meetings and consists of eight regional seminars that conduct training.

Jung Analysts SprockendidootchJung Analysts SprockendidootchJung Analysts SprockendidootchJung Analysts Sprockendidootch